Peer Installation With Vagrant (Advanced Installations)

The easiest and quickest way to get a Subutai Peer running on any platform is to use Vagrant with VirtualBox. Don't use package managers to install them: their versions are too old. Download the latest vagrant 2.0.0 or higher and VirtualBox 5.1.0 or higher from their respective websites. Once Vagrant and VirtualBox are installed init the Vagrantfile then up the instance:

                                   # Exclude "-nobridge" for bridged mode if you can get an IP on your network
                                   vagrant init subutai/stretch-nobridge
                                   vagrant up

You now have an active RH. Import the management container to convert this host into a peer after ssh'ing into it:

                                vagrant ssh
                                sudo /snap/bin/subutai import management

The command will output the Subutai Console’s access URL. See the red rectangle in the screen capture below:

The peer can now be managed from this URL via the Subutai Management Console if you used bridged mode. If you used NAT mode with -nobridge on the image name, then you can use https://localhost:9999 The default admin user account's password is secret. On first login, you'll be asked to change this password. Before you login install the Subutai E2E Browser Plugin with at least one PGP key.

Post Installation

Install the client software and tools to use your peers and environments effectively. You're going to want to install the browser extension to manage pgp keys, the p2p client, and the OS tray (wallet) application.

Before logging into the Peer Console, install the Subutai E2E Browser Extension for Chrome. It will prompt you to generate a new PGP key after installing. See the video below if installation is not obvious.

Download Subutai

Subutai P2P x64 6.x
Subutai P2P x64 Dev
Subutai P2P x64 Master
Tray x64 6.x
Tray x64 Dev
Tray x64 Master

Install the Subutai P2P

The P2P daemon allows systems to join the swarm to access private cloud environments. Install the MSI package for Windows. Double click after downloading.

Install the Subutai OS Tray Application

Install the OS Tray application to conveniently access environments from your desktop, manage your peers while showing you your Goodwill balance. Packages for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS are available. For Linux:

                                                sudo apt install /path/to/subutai-tray.deb