Environment creation


Environment Manager manages environments. This module allows to create, modify, destroy environments and set quotas for container hosts.

Environments can be constructed locally or in cross peer relation. For information regarding quota sizes, see Quota size definition.

Environment Building Steps (Remote or Local machine/s)
  1. Go to Environment manager module.
  2. Select the Environments
  3. On RHS panel you can see templates, by clicking or drag and droping them to the middle space you choose templates to use
  4. For more advanced options switch mode to Advanced
    Now you have 2 tabs (templates and peers). In peers you can choose which RH(s) to use and in which RH
    template to put.

  5. To change Quota of container host you need to press on image of template in
  6. And you will get next menu where you can set your own settings

To modify, grow environment click Edit button ICON in the list of the environments and you will get details of the environment.