First launch


For easy use of SS, we have Tray application.

This application allows non technical users to manage their containers and see information about their environments, peers, balance etc.

It is already provided with installer and can be launched in way usual for OS.

Subutai Management Console launching steps
  1. Open Tray Application
  2. Click on Tray context menu icon Or open mannually in your browser with next URL: https://localhost:9999
  3. Press Launch and choose Launch SS console
  4. Login as admin
  5. * Note that default username and password for admin account are admin and secret
    Changing password on admin account steps

    To change password for admin account you need to:

    1. Enter Subutai Management Console
    2. Go to User Identity/User Management
    3. Click edit button
    4. Enter new password and confirm it
    5. Press Save user