Plugin installation


Subutai has Bazaar in it. It's intended to facilitate an open ecosystem of commercial and non-commercial cloud applications and services. Really anything can be shared, bartered, sold or purchased in a bazaar and so our intentional choice for the name implies there's no limit to your interactions there. These applications, services and resources in the Bazaar are ready to be installed on, or used by your cloud across other people's peers you've decided to share resources with.

Plugin installation steps:
  1. Go to the Bazaar module
    *if table with plugins available is empty, you need to register in the Subutai Hub and register your SS peer in it's Hub (Registration, Registering peer in Subutai Hub)

  2. Select plugin you want to install and press Install
  3. After you get successful status on installation, you can view and use installed plugin in the Installed tab.