Registering users


Subutai is application that can be used with several users in system in one time. If a group is using Subutai peer, follow the instructions below regarding registration new user in system.

New user registration steps
  1. Go to User Identity module and select User management
  2. Press
  3. Fill the form

    Trusted level specification:

    1. Never trust - This user with PublicKey is not trusted , and cannot be registered
    2. Marginal - This user with PublicKey is trusted partially, System admin , can give limited permissions
    3. Full - Full Trust
    4. Ultimate Trust - Only Peer Owner can have Ultimate trust

    Roles specification:

    1. Karaf-manager - role with permissions to manage karaf modules
    2. Administrator - Subutai administrative role, has all permissions over system
    3. Peer manager - role explicitly to manage cross peer
    4. Environment-Manager - role to manage environments
    5. Internal-System - internal system user, to handle system specific operations
  4. Press the Save user button and you will see a newly created user in the table.
  5. Send credentials of the account to addressee.

If peer registration is not approved, you need to wait until it gets a feedback: reject or register. If registered, the next step Environment creation using containers which will be used as a platform to execute all operations. If not, still an Environment can be created on a local machine using the same Environment creation chapter.