Conquer The Cloud

Your next personal computer won't be just another laptop, tablet, or wearable device: it will be EVERYTHING surrounding you, connected fluidly by adaptive peer-to-peer clouds driven by social interaction!

The Subutai platform lets you easily mine for cryptocurrency and share, barter, or rent computing resources without having to be a programming expert.

To the memory of the creator of C, UNIX and much more, Dennis Ritchie.
The Subutai Community

A new way to think about clouds and devices attached to them.

Subutai helps connect individuals from all over the globe so they may share resources to create secure cloud environments across their peers. Just as a cloud can float down onto land and is thus called fog, IoT devices attach when available and needed to your cloud as it floats around with you.

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  • Socialized Services

    P2P is all about sharing, and sharing is a social activity.

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  • Content Distribution

    Content distribution is already here today using dynamic resource host...

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  • Be Your Own Google

    AppScale has been integrated with Subutai to provide a Google...

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  • Be Your Own Amazon

    Subutai's IaaS layer is in fact a socialized infrastructure as a service.

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  • Collective Cyber Defence

    Socially security exists in society and among nations.

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  • IDEA: Virtual Office

    Excited about building applications that can run across peer-to-peer...

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Subutai is Open Source Software product you can install on every major platform. Having problems? Reach out to us, our community is always ready to help.