GoodWill is the glue that binds participants together in the Subutai Bazaar. It is a lightweight digital asset used in the exchange of resources; similar to when you go to an amusement park, and you purchase tickets in order to utilize the park’s services. In order to go on a ride, you do not give the ride operator money, but rather simply give the ride operator your ticket that you obtained from the ticket office.

This concept is how GoodWill works in the Subutai Bazaar. GoodWill is used to buy, sell, and barter resources. You can also *earn* GoodWill by installing Subutai, helping other people use Subutai, creating Blueprints, contributing code, and more.

In order for a community to form and continue interacting on a platform, an economic approach is essential: the platform must offer some incentives to its participants.

GoodWill provides that incentive to produce a rich platform for everyone, especially the Open Source community we’re growing with Subutai. Participants can be rewarded with GoodWill when they improve or help sustain the platform’s operation through good activities and habits that include:

  • Upgrading to the latest release within a certain time
  • Inviting other friends which also register to
    • Share, or rent resources with other friends
    • Setup peers on the system
  • Creating a new peer on the system
  • Giving user feedback and reporting bugs / issues inline
  • Submitting bug reports and/or potential bug patches to help make the system better
  • Helping with documentation and translations
  • Letting tenants know in advance of peer downtime within some amount of time
  • Becoming certified in some aspect of Open Source software professionalism through an official Subutai partner.

Subutai is about sharing, bartering and renting computer resources in a peer economy so the rewards program will obviously be tailored to make sure everyone has a positive experience when interacting with others properly.

Goodwill Exchanges

GoodWill can be exchanged for services and products on the platform. So earning GoodWill is valuable. Cloud service providers with peers trade cloud services for GoodWill. Consumers use their GoodWill for these services.

Subutai FOSS Contribution Program

Open Source projects on GitHub register organizations on the Subutai Bazaar. These projects provide Subutai Blueprints for their products. In turn, the Bazaar advertises their need for resources to participants with peers.

Learn more at Helping spread Goodwill page

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