The exchange currency of the Subutai Peer-to-Peer Cloud Platform.

Users earn GoodWill by buying and selling compute resources on the Subutai Bazaar, and through rewards, bounties, and other “good deeds” that help sustain and advance the Subutai ecosystem.

In response to user demand, we are happy to announce that you can now also

Buy GoodWill

GoodWill was created to support transactions on Subutai P2P clouds, which span countries and continents and cannot be limited by geographic boundaries and friction from sovereign currencies of local governments.

In the Subutai Bazaar, consumers running applications on compute resources use GoodWill to pay for the resources they use. In turn, providers rent compute resources to run consumer applications using GoodWill. You can also *earn* GoodWill by doing things that help improve the platform, such as installing Subutai Peer OS, helping other people use Subutai, developing Blueprints, contributing code, and more.

How it works

GoodWill can be exchanged for services and products on the Subutai platform. For instance, you can pay to host your applications on other people’s computers, maintain snapshots and backups of your machines in the Subutai cloud, and even hire specialized services and custom installs from other Subutai users (affectionately known as “the Horde”).

Using GoodWill helps facilitate commerce across a peer economy by streamlining the account settlement process; otherwise, reconciling billing for Subutai users by exchanging one currency for another for tiny amounts every hour would be inefficient and a waste of money.

Both the blockchain and GoodWill tokens residing on it allow consumers and providers to fluidly exchange resources effortlessly. The blockchain also protects all parties by keeping an indelible ledger of all the transactions that have occurred to date. Read more about GoodWill on the Blockchain.

First You Need A GoodWill Wallet

As in Subutai we value your security above everything, in order to transact with GoodWill you will need a dedicated wallet. If you are already a Subutai user and have a GoodWill wallet, you will need to update it: upgrade the E2E browser plugin, remove the old keys and create a new Wallet. If you’re a new user, start by installing the E2E plugin from your browser’s store which will then allow you to create your wallet. Don’t forget to back up your keys to make sure you can recover your wallet if something happens to your computer. Learn more about the E2E plugin and how to create and use your wallet here.

How To Get GoodWill

Buy GoodWill

You can buy GoodWill directly from this page. Add the address of your wallet and checkout to pay using credit cards, PayPal, or cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Sell and Rent Resources

YYou can rent disk, memory and CPU power to other users in exchange for GoodWill. Start by installing Subutai PeerOS (the Open Source, 100% free-of-charge operating system for the Subutai Peer-to-Peer Cloud Platform) on your computer or server and registering it to the Subutai Bazaar. Catch up on our Subutai 101 video series to learn how.

Earn GoodWill

Members of the Horde can be rewarded with GoodWill when they improve or help sustain the platform’s operation through good activities and practices that include:

Use GoodWill

You can use GoodWill to pay the use of containers running in others’ paid Peers; or to save snapshots of your environments in IPFS. You can also transfer GoodWill to other users for any reason you find - to reward them for helping you or paying for services. Learn more about everything you can do with GoodWill.

Buying GoodWill is easy! Existing Subutai users will need just a few simple steps to update their existing configurations. New members of the Horde can set up a new GoodWill wallet in minutes. Try it today!


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