Join the hordes

Come and join the horde in the Bazaar's War Room. Pins on the globe represent peers: green online, red offline. We aim to fill the globe up with lots of green pins with no bald spots. We collaborate in the built in chat or on our Slack Channel to find new folks to create peers in the empty patches.



Next we need developers! We need Ethereum blockchain and Solidity savvy engineers, P2P researchers to help us experiment and optimize DHT and Gossip protocols. We need C/C++, Java, Javascript, Golang programmers. If you want to get involved as a developer first give Subutai a try as a user. Then take a look at our list of GitHub projects below. Come onto our Slack channel and let us know if you need help diving in. We’re here and waiting for you!

Register on the Subutai Bazaar this month using the code WEBSITE, and we’ll give you some goodwill to trade cloud resources with others on the system. Happy sharing!

Getting involved

Kick the tires and give us feedback

We’re always looking for feedback from both new and established members of the Subutai horde! If you’re creating peers, sharing resources, and creating cloud environments, we’d love to hear from you!

Tell us what you think by clicking on the “Rate us” widget in the War Room.

And, if you need help, just expand the chat panel to reach us in the “Help Desk” room or feel free to find us on Slack. Get started by digging into the documentation!

Contribute Blueprints

Subutai has a blueprint feature for standing up complicated application stacks over several containers. It’s a simple JSON based templating format similar to Amazon’s Cloud Formation templates. Use blueprints to fire up application stacks within environments, and/or build environments using your favorite devops tools for automation. Subutai blueprints support Ansible and other tools out of the box.

Subutai Blueprints specify general instructions for installing, updating and maintaining P2P distributed cloud applications. The Subutai P2P Cloud combines these instructions with load and resource availability information to optimally place infrastructure resources in P2P cloud environments and run distributed applications. P2P orchestration can occur perpetually to adapt to shifting conditions to keep applications running.

Contributors who create blueprints that are made freely available on the Subutai Bazaar may qualify for GoodWill promotions. Get started today!

Peer installation is straightforward with many options. We’re working on finishing touches with different platforms and package managers so if anyone wants to help out we appreciate it.

We need GitHub projects to register for the OS contribution program and provide blueprints for their applications so they can be made available to all users in the Subutai Bazaar. The Subutai FOSS Contribution Program explains this in detail.

Anyone can then fire up open source cloud applications while sharing resources.

We invite you to review our Open Source Contribution Program, which provides direct resource assistance to Open Source Projects.


We’d love to hear from you!