To get started with the Subutai Platform:

  • Register at Subutai Bazaar, our social marketplace for user-administered P2P cloud services
    • Create environments on other users' peers
    • Choose the products or applications that you need
  • Install the E2E Browser plugin, which allows you to authenticate in the Subutai platform and transact in GoodWill
    • Create your wallet and keys
    • Associate your keys with your Bazaar account
  • If you want to have your own Peer: install the PeerOS, open source software for the peer-to-peer cloud
    • Set up your computing resources to run virtual environments
    • Register your Peer to the Subutai Bazaar for sharing, rent, or barter

Subutai Bazaar


Subutai PeerOS



Optimize your use of the Subutai Bazaar or PeerOS by installing the following companion software:

E2E plugin

Easily manage the PGP keys and GoodWill wallets that are required to ensure secure communications within the Subutai platform.

The E2E plugin is directly available from the official store of main browsers Chrome and Firefox. For other supported browsers, you may download from here.

Make sure to check the E2E plugin documentation.

E2E plugin

Subutai Control Center

Access your peers, containers, and environments via SSH or Remote Desktop. Check or update relevant local software and view your GoodWill balance. Equipped with a built-in file transfer system, the Subutai Control Center also enables you to upload and download files from a remote cloud storage in a secure way.

The Subutai Control Center is available in Windows, Mac, and Linux versions.

P2P daemon

Enable your system to join the swarm and access private cloud environments. The P2P daemon is required to access your Peers, containers, and Environments via SSH or Remote Desktop from the Bazaar, Subutai Management Console, or Control Center.

The P2P daemon is available in Windows, Mac, and Linux versions.


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