Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

We started creating Subutai to enable those lacking the resources they needed to pursue their innovative dreams. We want everyone to be able to make a living innovating, wherever they are, whoever they are. The ability to innovate and further knowledge is a terrible thing to waste. We want to contribute our part to make sure human potential is wasted as little as possible. Subutai we hope will help connect people, and provide them with resources when otherwise they would be limited.

Subutai would never have existed without the contributions of several people, most notably Dennis Ritchie. We lost our hero in the same week that Steve Jobs passed away. Although both great figures, we feel enough attention was not given to this legend of computing. Read more about "The Dennis Ritchie Effect".

We dedicate Subutai to his memory. Without you Dennis Ritchie, we certainly know Subutai would never have existed. Thank you!


If you feel excited enough to get involved with any of these Social Cloud Computing areas please let us know!