The Subutai Bazaar is a marketplace that allows anyone to instantly buy, share, or rent computer resources, as well as raise and operate a sharing economy for countless applications using both Subutai's internal currency (a lightweight digital asset known as "GoodWill"), and KHAN™, Subutai's new Ethereum Blockchain-based reserve currency token.

Today’s technology landscape is highly inefficient: 90% of the world’s computing resources are wasted. As Internet and Cloud consumers can only currently *purchase* services from providers, the Subutai Bazaar acts as “the Airbnb of computing resources”, leveraging the power of peer economics to enable individual and business users to both buy and sell cloud and IoT services.

The Subutai Bazaar allows users to register their resources and applications to be found by other users from around the world. Using the Bazaar is cost-effective, as the broker perpetually shops around for best price per performance. Users will be able to utilize smart contracts protected by the blockchain to create service level agreements (SLAs).


The Bazaar authenticates user resources, enabling individuals and companies to become Economy Operators and instantly form an economy with their existing customer base.


Using the Subutai Bazaar, Economy Operators can both sell excess compute resources to their customers and be able to purchase resources from their customers —and benefit by generating revenue from this economy.

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