Reduce system administration overheads and simplify the process of distributed application development. Subutai’s free blueprints provide an all-inclusive developer environment for specifying general instructions to automate P2P distributed application (dApp) management tasks (installing, updating, maintaining, etc.). Subutai blueprints are available in the Subutai Bazaar at (registration required), and are released under Apache License v2.0.

Popular Subutai blueprints include:

blockchain in a box blueprint

Blockchain-in-a-Box – write Smart Contracts in minutes without having to deal with obtaining testnet Ether (the cryptocurrency fueling the Ethereum network). learn more

iot sandbox blueprint

IoT Sandbox – easily store and visualize IoT data on the edge. learn more

nextcloud blueprint

Nextcloud – access and manage your files with free, flexible, secure cloud storage. learn more

gitlab blueprint

GitLab – deploy and manage GitLab repositories on peer-to-peer clouds. learn more

minecraft blueprint

Minecraft – play Minecraft on your own global private network game server. learn more

Using Blueprints

Subutai has the Blueprint feature for standing up complicated application stacks over several containers. It’s a simple JSON based templating format similar to Amazon’s Cloud Formation templates. Use these Blueprints to fire up application stacks within environments or build environments using your favorite devops tools for automation.

Using the Blueprint wizard, finish your build in 4 easy steps as shown below for your Blueprint of choice:

blueprint wizard

From defining application variables to building or updating an existing environment, you can stand up your application stack in no time. For example, with the Blockchain-in-a-Box Blueprint, you get an instant environment for writing decentralized blockchain-based applications on Ethereum Network. Find out more about using Blueprints.

Writing Blueprints

For the more technical users, we invite you to create your own Blueprints! Subutai Blueprints specify general instructions for installing, updating, and maintaining P2P distributed cloud applications. The Subutai P2P Cloud combines these instructions with load and resource availability information to optimally place infrastructure resources in P2P cloud environments and run distributed applications. As the Blueprint author or creator, you combine and write these instructions in a single Subutai.json file.

Blueprint authors can "Publish" their application Blueprints on the Subutai Bazaar to be used for free or for Subutai™ GoodWill. All the Blueprints are open source so yes, this is for sincerely rewarding good deeds. If you wanted to, you could still fork their public repository and use the Blueprint privately, but why not contribute back? See the guide on Writing Subutai Blueprints. to author and publish your own Blueprints.


View your published Blueprint on Bazaar


Submit your Blueprint for review and testing by a Bazaar administrator


Design an application stack for your Blueprint, and then write the subutai.json file

Contributors who create Blueprints that are made freely available on Bazaar may qualify for GoodWill promotions. Join the Blueprint Hackathon!