Subutai™ PeerOS is Open Source, container-based Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) software and firmware. Subutai opens the $760B Cloud and IoT ecosystem through decentralized, self-adaptive, and cost efficient infrastructure that connects end users and devices more effectively along the continuum.

Subutai’s Cloud software stack is mature (v8.0), easy-to-deploy, proven, and can be immediately applied across countless application areas, both commercially and privately. Market highlights include the global telecom industry, Web Hosting/ISP market, research centers, national social security and welfare data centers, medical centers, universities, laboratories, smart cities, vehicle networks, and more.

Subutai disrupts and democratizes the Cloud, allowing peers to create secure virtual private cloud environments across idle computer resources. In addition, Subutai PeerOS efficiently and securely connects devices, the IoT, on the periphery of the Internet to cloud applications which may also run on the edge or in data centers. Subutai’s adaptive resource provisioning uses machine learning and analytics to optimally place resources to meet the needs of the applications running in P2P clouds.

To make the platform even easier to implement, Subutai Blueprints specify general instructions for installing, updating, and maintaining P2P distributed cloud applications. The Subutai P2P Cloud combines these instructions with load and resource availability information to optimally place infrastructure resources in P2P cloud environments and run distributed applications. P2P orchestration can occur perpetually to adapt to shifting conditions to keep applications running. From Blockchain-in-a-Box to Apache Usergrid Blueprint for MBaaS for mobile development, Subutai makes it easy to get up and running quickly.

Complementing the Subutai PeerOS are:

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