Helping spread GoodWill

Subutai integrations and incentives are designed to promote the contribution of free computing resources to Open Source projects for infrastructure and testing. GitHub organization owners can register their projects and their members on the Subutai Bazaar to get free cloud resources forever. We’re not talking about a temporary promotion here.

Peer owners receive GoodWill in exchange for their resources from the consumers (cloud environment owners) using them. When Open Source projects consume resources from peers they do not have to provide the GoodWill to the peer owner. Instead, the Bazaar subsidizes the GoodWill to the peer owner at the market value of the resources consumed by the Open Source project and adds an extra 25% or more (read below on how this amount increases).

If Open Source projects make their blueprints freely available on the Bazaar for their products, or other Open Source products, Peer owners contributing resources to them receive an additional 5% per blueprint in GoodWill on top of the extra 25% rewarded from the Bazaar. Anyone on the Bazaar, including Open Source projects, can use these Subutai Blueprints to set up infrastructure or use it for testing. By earning more GoodWill from Open Source organizations there’s incentive for Peer owners to contribute to Open Source projects. Contributing to projects providing more blueprints earns them more GoodWill and promotes the proliferation of blueprints. Blueprints reduce the overhead of setting up infrastructure and applications in Subutai Clouds. With a reduced barrier to launch Open Source applications, more users try the products and the user community grows.

It’s an all around win-win-win for everyone. Open Source projects benefit from community growth: more users, and resources. Peer owners rightfully get more GoodWill for contributing to Open Source, and are recognized for their contributions.

From its inception, Subutai was designed to supercharge Open Source, by creating feedback loops to benefit the community in several ways never before imagined. Our recognized Open Source leader, a pioneering FOSS advocate, Jon “maddog” Hall, architected the vision and the win-win-win model. Maddog refers to it as the Subutai Grand Slam. To quote Jon “maddog” Hall:

"Our Open Source roots run deep. Open Source is not just our way of life, but where our loyalties lie. We are a cloud of the people, not the cloud of a large corporation. We WANT Open Source to triumph while reminding people of our Open Source roots."


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